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Honda Element EX Vs LX – How Are They Different?

Discover the nuanced differences between the Honda Element EX and LX models in our comprehensive comparison. From performance levels to interior features, explore which variant aligns with your preferences. Make an informed decision for your driving experience with our insightful analysis of the Honda Element EX vs LX.

What Are The Similarities Between Honda Element EX And LX?

While the Honda Element EX and LX models showcase some notable differences, they also share several key similarities that contribute to the overall appeal of the Honda Element lineup. Here, we’ll explore the common features that both the EX and LX variants offer:

Boxy Design:

The distinctive and iconic boxy design is a hallmark of the Honda Element, and it remains consistent across both the EX and LX models. This design not only contributes to the vehicle’s unique aesthetic but also enhances its interior space and practicality.

Versatile Seating and Cargo Options:

Both the EX and LX editions of the Honda Element prioritize versatility, featuring a configurable interior that accommodates various seating and cargo arrangements. The rear seats can be folded or removed, providing ample space for transporting larger items or creating a comfortable space for passengers.

Four-Wheel Independent Suspension:

The Honda Element EX and LX models share a four-wheel independent suspension system. This setup contributes to a smoother ride, improved handling, and enhanced stability, ensuring a comfortable driving experience on different road surfaces.

Reliable Honda Build Quality:

As part of the Honda family, both the EX and LX models benefit from the brand’s reputation for manufacturing reliable and durable vehicles. Honda’s commitment to quality is reflected in the build of the Element, offering drivers peace of mind in terms of longevity and dependability.

Safety Features:

Safety is a priority for both the Honda Element EX and LX. Both models come equipped with essential safety features, such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control. These features contribute to an overall safer driving experience for occupants.

Pet-Friendly Design:

A unique feature that remains consistent across both models is the pet-friendly design of the Honda Element. The rear cargo area is designed with pet owners in mind, featuring a flat floor and easy-to-clean surfaces, making it an ideal choice for those who travel with pets.

Responsive Steering:

Whether you choose the EX or LX, you can expect responsive and nimble steering. The Element’s steering system allows for easy maneuverability, making it well-suited for urban driving and parking.

Economical Fuel Efficiency:

Both the EX and LX models are designed with fuel efficiency in mind. While there may be variations in engine performance, both versions strive to provide economical fuel consumption, appealing to drivers who prioritize efficiency and cost savings at the pump.

Real-Time 4WD Option:

Both the EX and LX models may offer a Real-Time 4WD option. This feature enhances traction and stability, particularly in challenging driving conditions, providing drivers with added confidence and control.
In summary, the Honda Element EX and LX share a foundation of practicality, versatility, and reliability. Whether you opt for the more feature-rich EX or the budget-friendly LX, you can enjoy the core attributes that make the Honda Element a unique and appealing choice in the compact SUV segment.

What Are The Differences Between Honda Element EX Vs LX?

The Honda Element EX and LX models, while sharing some common features, also exhibit distinct differences that cater to varying preferences and priorities. Here’s a detailed look at the disparities between the Honda Element EX and LX:

Performance Levels:

One of the primary distinctions lies in the performance department. The EX model often comes equipped with a more robust engine, providing a higher level of horsepower and torque compared to the LX. This difference in performance can result in a more spirited driving experience for those choosing the EX variant.

Interior Features and Comfort:

The Honda Element EX tends to offer more advanced and luxurious interior features compared to the LX. This may include upgraded upholstery, a premium sound system, and additional technology options. The LX, while comfortable, may have a more straightforward interior design with fewer high-end amenities.

Technological Advancements:

The EX model typically boasts a more comprehensive set of technological features. This may include an advanced infotainment system, additional connectivity options, and other tech-savvy amenities. The LX, while equipped with essential technology, might lack some of the high-end options found in the EX.

Exterior Styling:

While both models maintain the iconic boxy silhouette, the EX often comes with additional exterior styling elements. This may include alloy wheels, chrome accents, and a broader range of color choices, giving the EX a more stylish and personalized appearance compared to the LX.

Safety Features:

Both the EX and LX prioritize safety, but the EX model may offer additional safety features. These can include advanced driver-assistance systems such as lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and other safety enhancements, providing an extra layer of protection for EX drivers.

Price Point:

Due to the added features and enhancements, the Honda Element EX is generally priced higher than the LX. The LX, being a more basic trim, tends to be a more budget-friendly option. Therefore, your budget considerations play a crucial role in determining which model suits your financial constraints.

Fuel Efficiency:

While both models strive for economical fuel consumption, there may be slight differences. The LX, potentially equipped with a less powerful engine, might have a slight edge in fuel efficiency. For those prioritizing cost savings at the pump, this could be a factor in favor of the LX.

Available Options:

The Honda Element EX might offer a broader range of optional features and packages compared to the LX. This allows EX buyers to customize their vehicle further with additional upgrades and accessories, tailoring the driving experience to their specific preferences.


In conclusion, the choice between the Honda Element EX and LX hinges on your individual priorities and preferences. The EX-model offers a more robust performance, advanced technology, and enhanced interior features, making it suitable for those seeking a touch of luxury in their driving experience. On the other hand, the LX provides a budget-friendly option with essential features, catering to practicality and affordability.

Consider factors such as your budget, desired performance level, and the importance of advanced features when making your decision. Whether you opt for the EX or LX, both Honda Element models retain the distinctive boxy design, versatility, and reliability that make them standout choices in the compact SUV segment. Ultimately, your decision should align with your specific needs, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable driving experience with your chosen Honda Element model.

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